a “mile” in our shoes

this morning, our practice of family worship took the form of a prayer walk.  we bundled and laced up around 8:30, and joined hands in the kitchen and invited God to join us.  in heading out, we walked a couple blocks north and then east towards downtown.  we walked two by two, sharing people or things that were on our mind.  holding them up to God, we engaged in a collective and unconventional conversation.  mindful that we were speaking to God as well as each other, the exchange was honest and good.

at different times along the walk, i interjected some reasons for choosing this sacred and potentially awkward activity.  i wanted to share time together and connect how you could take a very routine activity like walking and make it sacred by inviting God into it.  as we reached the river and took a seat as a family on a bench a few feet from the water, i drew attention to the uncomfortable parts of our walk.  it was cold, it was early, we were hungry and we had walked a good distance.  we might have discomfort or pain in our feet, our legs or other areas of our body, but none compared with the real suffering that some face daily, or moment-by-moment.  some people cannot speak Jesus’ name out loud, or be heard talking as we did along our walk for fear of imprisonment or physical harm or death.  it might sound foreign to us, but it is no less real.

we sat for a few minutes and then agreed it was time to head back.  we walked back through downtown, across the bridge and to tim hortons for donuts.  we started our sabbath walking a “mile” in prayer.  we talked, we laughed, we broke “bread” together.  all oriented in God’s direction, remembering and speaking of those we know and love in His presence.  a sabbath, indeed.


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