“cone, like ice cream cone…”

“… but spelled k – o – h- n.”  these are the words of the sweet elderly woman we met yesterday at the grocery, in response to connor and i asking her name.  cone, like ice cream cone … what an amazingly awesome way to describe it, and she said it with the biggest, most genuinely joyful smile you could imagine.  certainly an outward representation of the beautiful soul she is, and makes a guy curious about the story behind “like ice cream cone.”

we had picked up a few things at meijer, and i was standing out front waiting for connor (restroom stop).  as he bounded out, mrs. kohn was following with a full cart.  four six-packs of pop bottles hung over the outside edges of her cart, and it was packed full of bags with some also on the bottom tray.  it has become harder to offer help these days.  i have received some pretty annoyed looks and harsh words in response to a polite offer to help someone in a similar circumstance.  but i refuse to allow the trend to change my heart, and rejected the risk and asked.  with only a polite declaration that she wouldn’t want to impose on us, mrs. kohn, like ice cream cone thanked us for our offer and pointed the way to her car.

it took only a single question about the amount of pop she had in her cart, for mrs. kohn to launch into the most amazing story of why she was at the store that day.  she had “visitors coming over tomorrow, and i don’t know what they like so i bought a bunch of different things.”  she continued on about the different types of pop she bought, and then the story dove a thousand miles deeper in just a few words.  she told the most incredible story of an adult son that took a trip to see a friend in duluth, mn and while he was there, had a heart attack … and how his friend called his parents and asked them to contact his friend’s mom so she knew what had happened … and how she had been communicating via email with this other mother for eight years … and how this other couple was coming to detroit and they were going to meet for the first time!

how great is our God, that He would bring mrs. kohn into our lives yesterday!  and how beyond right is our God, when He, through the pages of scripture, declares that there is so much more in life that is available to us if we would simply love others as He has loved us first!

i don’t share this story to draw attention to connor or myself.  i tell it because years from now i might forget, and in looking back over a lifetime of recorded stories, i can remember this one in particular.  and i tell it because it brings glory to God, and that is what we are all here for.  thank you mrs. kohn, like ice cream cone!

and if you happen to read this today, and think of it, please say a prayer for mrs. kohn and her visitors.  i assured her that connor and i would, and how great it would be for you to join us in a chorus of voices today.


2 responses to ““cone, like ice cream cone…”

  1. I LOVE your recorded stories. Thank YOU for taking the time…to record. I need to follow your lead. There are so many great stories to our lives. xoxo

  2. I just prayed for mrs. kohn “like the ice cream cone”. I prayed that her heart would rejoice as she and the other mother get to meet and enjoy each others company.

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