pop art

the inspiration came more than a month ago, and it’s time came this morning.  an early morning resolve … then cancellation … then rebirth of the original resolve.

we sat at the dinner table last night, and amongst other things, talked about saturday breakfast.  we have been a bit busy lately, and we were all looking forward to a quiet, simple, and maybe late start to our saturday.  several ideas for breakfast fare were bantered around, but it seemed that the consensus was a homemade spin on a popular breakfast pastry.  a treasured friend of krisytn’s (and mine too) had provided the inspiration via a blog post in january.  and tomorrow would be the day we would try it ourselves.

i woke early with the intent of giving kristyn the chance to sleep in for a change.  connor soon followed, and we watched tv for a bit before our stomach’s began to signal the call for breakfast.  it was a little later than i should have started, but i fired up my macbook, went to the kitchen, and began assembling the ingredients for what i hoped would be breakfast bliss.  i had a collection of ingredients, the necessary measuring and mixing objects, and began to read the instructions.  and … uh oh!  a detail towards the end of the instructions that resulted in a direct and devastating hit on my resolve.  in addition to the time to prepare the handmade dough and filling, there was a “chilling” detail that i was not prepared for.  a necessary period of purgatory where the assembled tarts needed to chill out in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

i began to do the math, and not soon after, started to return the ingredients to the cupboards and pantry.  to follow through with this plan would result in brunch more than breakfast.  and i wasn’t so sure everyone would be on board with that.  i spent the next few moments questioning my urge to quit, and ultimately convinced myself that the effort and the wait would be worth it.  back to the pantry i went.

it was only a few minutes later that kristyn woke up and joined me in the kitchen.  she was quick to encourage and volunteer her help.  she read, and i mixed.  it was not long until …

::  the first tart materialized  ::

::  the first batch was ready for baking  ::

::  the first batch was baked  ::

::  then iced  ::

::  then eaten  ::

::  then almost gone  ::

actually, there was one left over that i have put away to test my theory that  … “i bet these are even great the day after.”

thanks leslie for the inspiration, and thanks kristyn for the expert assist.  i have to admit that i was pretty proud of myself, making these from start to finish.  and speaking of that, i hear the cleanup happening in the kitchen.  better go help!

(if you are interested in making these for yourself, click on leslie’s name above and follow her link to the recipe)



3 responses to “pop art

  1. so happy you made them! yours look absolutely perfect! and i love the photos…
    mark… you wear SO many hats SO well!
    hugs all around…

  2. Ya ,Ya ,Ya enough of this initiative, love, and care stuff, when does our care package of tarts arrive ? Sounds like a great treat, have a wonderful finish to your Lord’s day.

  3. absolutely the BEST pop tarts! so much better than the original in so many ways.
    thanks for taking the initiative, the time, the love and care to bless us this morning!
    they were awesome!!

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