rhythm and true

the first sunrise of 2010

we were sitting around the other night talking, and the question came up … “what is your “word” for the new year?”  it was not asked directly of me, but it got me thinking.  those who really know me, are keenly aware that i am not a goal person.  a personality strength, or flaw (depending how you look at it), is my “live in the moment” mentality.  the question, “where do you see yourself in 5 years?”, freezes me.  it seems moot in the context of how i approach life.  but a theme … now i can do that.

truth is, i have done this before.  select a word, an idea, a guiding principle, that you desire be a focus in your life for an intentional period of time.  when intention is manifest in action, this word, idea or principle, turns into a mind attitude.  a rallying point for multiple activities and areas of your life.   a flag to march under.

in considering “my word”, over the last day or so, many desires have come to the surface.  desires like …

  • consistent victory in an area of battle in my life that i began dealing with nearly two years
  • increasing our percentage of giving … irrespective of our means
  • declaring an end to my struggle with weight (reaching a “goal”, and saying a final goodbye to the yo-yo that has characterized my struggle with it)
  • a quiet time discipline that is protected from the buffets of schedule and external pressures
  • transparency and an intentional truth in everything i do
  • a consistent, enduring and lavish love lived out in the direction of even the most pedestrian, or insignificant encounter.  living this way, it will be sure to pour over kristyn and the boys, my extended family, and my treasured friends.

sounds like a pretty aggressive game plan.  and it would be, if it were intended that way.  if i attempted to set all of these into a framework of a goals, priorities and a supporting action plan, i would be certain to be overwhelmed and my intent train would rapidly lose steam.

at the core of all of my stated desires are the principles of rhythm and truth.  finding an order, and creating structure in my life that produces a result that finds room for all of the truly important things … a rhythm.  and then living my life in a dogged pursuit of what is true.  allowing that to permeate my thought life, and manifest itself in my service to others.

i suppose there is an element of “play on words” in my choice.  makes me think of little richard, or chuck berry.  but they are two important words, ideas and guiding principles that i intend to make visible in my life this year.  although i would not consider myself a “goal” person, that does not mean i don’t see the value of looking forward.  being intentional in any positive form, is profitable.  i desire the refrain of my life to be a sweet sound of praise in the coming year.  in the genre of rhythm and true.


4 responses to “rhythm and true

  1. Mark, I love to see the desires you have for your life in 2010. For me it’s as simple(and i’am as simple a person as you will ever meet) as three words I didn’t come up with. Love-Live-Laugh
    Love, without reservation. Live, the life God gave you to it’s fullest. Laugh, don’t take yourself seriously. Stop and consider the thoughts each of these words have. Now if I could only take this to heart myself. Love Dad

  2. wow! what an intentional list. I share many of your intentions and look forward to going on the journey with you. love you sweet!

  3. did you take that photo before you went on the donut run? Love it! Here’s to a great new Year….one full of love, blessings and more intimacy with the Lord! Thanks for the gift of your family’s visit! We miss you all already!

  4. I too share your desire, and that in the coming year I would live my life with the intention that out of my ever increasing awareness of my relationship (His love for me) with HIM would come the ability to share that relationship with those I come in contact with daily. Thanks Mark …..

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